Day Care For Dogs - Is Your Local Daycare Done Right?
Day care for dogs is an issue that is gaining more publicity. Unhappy dog owners have been blogging about the negative aspects of leaving their dogs in day care centers, and TV shows are featuring dogs being mistreated by day care staff. This controversy has prompted many state legislators to call for legislative hearings into day care for dogs.  Learn about the doggie day care Wake Forest on this article.

Some state legislators have introduced bills to make sure that dog parents get the 'straight talk' they deserve when it comes to day care. Staff members at day care facilities are supposedly required by law to maintain absolute confidentiality with every client, but the reality is that many do not exercise this kind of confidentiality. Staff members often end up lying to pet owners about the number of dogs that are being looked after in a given day, or about how long their dogs have been there. Owners have complained that day care workers have been abusive to their pets, and one pet owner says her dog was forced to swim in a lake because she was too afraid to go to the vet. Other pet owners have reported physical abuse such as being hit, having food thrown at them, or having their coats grabbed and pulled.  Here is what you need to know about the doggie day care near me.

Many of the daycare services for dogs in the US are not required to prove their legal business qualifications, so this can lead to some rather shabby operations. The day care for dogs act was introduced in response to these unpleasant events and requires day care workers to be licensed and bonded. Dogs must also be kept safe in their daycare center, and day care centers that don't follow this policy are in serious trouble. State authorities have fined and/or closed down several centers that have not followed these standards and animal rights advocates are worried that these laws may soon pass.

Opponents of day care for dogs claim that dog parents want nothing more than to see their dogs spend the rest of their lives at home. However, some day care services have started to adopt policies that are more welcoming to dog parents. Some day care centers offer doggie day care, which allows dogs to spend the day with their families. Other centers focus on providing a more social environment for the dog family, with chances for play dates and visits from other animals.

While some people believe that dogs should not be given any kind of contact with children, other people see the day care for dogs programs as an opportunity to socialize and learn about the way that animals behave when left alone. Both groups seem to be on the same page: good things happen to good dogs, and bad things happen to bad dogs. Day care for dogs can help both groups live harmoniously together. It's just a matter of finding the right program for your furry friend.

The state of daycare regulation is still in flux, so don't think that this means that daycares that allow pets have been banned. In fact, there are some cities and towns that have rules and regulations that allow dogs to be kept inside while they're attending to other children. It's a good thing that daycares are educating themselves on what's acceptable behavior and adopting policies that will keep children safe while giving doggies some well deserved attention.  You can read the following article to get more informed about the topic: